The Need For A Simple Speed Solution

Before - 20.72 Mbps with Linksys G

In retrospect, this is a no brainier. But…It simply fell off my radar.

The Short answer is – if you have an older – even 3-4 year old wireless router for your home or work network, a small investment will help your download speed- allot.  The time savings are incredible and well worth the trip to the store.

My new Linksys E4200 looks sharp and I was really happy to see a 26% increase in download speed.  Very Cool.

The iPad, and iPhone love the faster and longer range Wifi and the other devices that are hard wired run predictably faster as well.

Features I really like include the Duel Band, HD ready and Guest login – separate from my desktop login.  It was under an hour to set up.

I purchased the E4200 at Micro Center while it was on sale (List $180 – Paid $139).

It takes under a min to test your speed using the Geek Squad tool

After - 27.27 Mbps with Linksys E4200


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