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Finch Sign in Austin

Finch Austin Tavern Sign

About Finch Mktg – Gain Altitude.

Finch Mktg Helps Small biz owners leverage tools like twitter, facebook, wordpress and google to gain market share as a consultant or project manager.

Finch Mktg  Educates Real Estate Folks with new Marketing tools. We work with Brokers, Builders and Top agents and help them integrate technology and social media and powerful websites into their marketing plan.

Finch Mktg Builds Cool easy to use tools when demand and opportunity intersect – see Top Secret

Finch Mktg Speaks -While not Motivational speakers,  we do get really excited when talking about tools, technology and marketing for Real Estate or Small Business.

Time spent away from clients is spent listening and analyzing  – while attending National Real Estate Trade Shows, ReBar Camps and Technology expos like ReTechSouth .  I explore and test new tools.  Agents work with us because we filter out the noise & crud, and provide a thoughtful easy to follow flight plan that delivers you to your destination.

This stuff is not rocket science, but it can help you fly to new heights.    You can hire Chris to talk in person to a group, an individual or simply set up ongoing marketing calls or webinars.

In the past 5 years Ive presented to hundreds of  individual offices in the midwest and at National Events like Real Living Momentum with thousands in attendance, or at educational ReBarCamps from coast to coast.

We can work with you, your team or your company.   With Finch Mktg, gaining altitude is not difficult.

Roger, Over, Ten Four.

Finch Park in Chicago

Finch Park in Chicago

Connect with Chris Drayer and Finch Mktg they way You want to…. VHF radio, Tweets – what ever.

Phone – 816-679-3787 <- yup, its my iphone – and I do sleep at night (sometimes)  so feel free to leave a msg!

Email – FinchMktg@gmail.com

Twitter – @FPO (mainly FloorPlanOnline stuff) or @FinchMktg (more random mktg  stuff)

Finch Mktg WordPress Blog Site – www.FinchMktg.com

Chris Drayer info – www.ChrisDrayer.info

Linkedin – www.linkedin.com/in/ChrisDrayer

Posterous – http://floorplanonline.posterous.com/

Twitpic – http://twitpic.com/photos/FPO

Facebook – facebook.com

Active Rain – www.ActiveRain.com/fpo

Cool T shirt designs for PYC – www.BranchCreekHarbor.com

VHF – s/v Allegro

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