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Twitter Advertising with Zillow & Trulia

200 million of us are on twitter, with a reported 30%+ following at least on major brand. That percentage is rising.  Until now, we have seen the organic (read: advertising agencies) results of major companies efforts.

Twitter launched a well documented ad platform a year ago to sell promoted tweets. Last month those  tweets began show up at the top of your timeline as advertisers now pay a hefty sum to get in front of you. Discussions of the “downfall of twitter” aside, Ive been curious to see who in the Real Estate space adopts the new ad format first.  Typically, early adopters are on the bleeding …err… cutting edge of more than just advertising. This move (pun intended) will be telling.

zillow on twitter advertising

Zillows Tweeting Edge Marketing.

While logged into my “other” twitter account for an upcoming event ( @rebcKC ) I was pleased to find my answer.  In a non fact checked study, industry giant Zillow is officially the leader in twitter advertising.   Well Done Zillow!

Would you take the bait?  Would you click the promoted tweet?

I dont clip coupons, buy Groupons or save direct mail.    I feel like that’s the norm.  But Zillow is banking on demographic and geographic, market centered rapid fire 140 character tweets and follow suggestions paying off.  Zillow must know something and they must have  invested a ton.

I clicked it.

trulia and zillow twitter war

"You might also want to follow Trulia."

All the marketing efforts of zillow on twitter worked, and got me to click “follow”.

Then the remarkable, astonishing and amazing non-advertising organic twit-suggestion occurred: “You Might also want to follow Trulia

Do you think Zillow had this in mind?





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