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The Need For A Simple Speed Solution

Before - 20.72 Mbps with Linksys G

In retrospect, this is a no brainier. But…It simply fell off my radar.

The Short answer is – if you have an older – even 3-4 year old wireless router for your home or work network, a small investment will help your download speed- allot.  The time savings are incredible and well worth the trip to the store.

My new Linksys E4200 looks sharp and I was really happy to see a 26% increase in download speed.  Very Cool.

The iPad, and iPhone love the faster and longer range Wifi and the other devices that are hard wired run predictably faster as well.

Features I really like include the Duel Band, HD ready and Guest login – separate from my desktop login.  It was under an hour to set up.

I purchased the E4200 at Micro Center while it was on sale (List $180 – Paid $139).

It takes under a min to test your speed using the Geek Squad tool

After - 27.27 Mbps with Linksys E4200


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Virtual Tour App for Real Estate

Easy Virtual Tour apple iconReal Estate agents rejoice. No longer do you have to download photos to your computer from a camera only to upload them to your virtual tour provider.

Finch Mktg just launched EasyVT the virtual tour app for apple iphone.  Realtors may photograph a listing, select a virtual tour vendor and EasyVT automatically uploads the content all from their iphone.

Crisp 5 megapixel photos look fantastic from my iphone 4 and my apple 3GS cranks out great looking content as well.

Finch Mktg Head Developer Kevin Mitts created a simple to use but very powerful tool.  Currently we are focused on looking for any outstanding issues. We are hunting for bugs before we make a loud launch – so consider this the soft launch.

Feel free to try EasyVT since it is FREE. Just Click the link below to download to itunes.  In return, just give us some feedback or like us on facebook!

Virtual Tour Real Estate app

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Launch is Imminent

Easy Virtual Tour Camera photography view

The Camera View of EasyVT

EasyVT got a shot of adrenalin in the past two weeks boosting the sending speed of content, yet the process resulted in delaying launch a bit.

This is overall good news as it improves the user experience.

I’m excited to show off the cool new iphone app for real estate agents at Real Estate Bar Camp New Orleans and the National association of Realtors Conference and Expo.

We also got the new Website live at along with our new Twitter account @EasyVT and Facebook

Its only a matter of time till launch and I’m counting down the days.

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