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Real Estate Reputation Management toolNot off the Press – Coming Soon

Our latest Project – RealSatisfied helps Brokers and Agents manage their Reputation.  We are Currently Beta Testing in 4 markets.

We will launch http://RealSatisfied.com in January at the Inman Connect NewYork Real Estate Convention as part of the Start Up Alley event.   Follow on Twitter @RealSatisfied

Heres Our RealSatisfied Vision:

When customers perceptions are incorrect or when they are genuinely mad about poor service they vocalize their problems.  They do so online in social media where damage to your reputation and brand can be immediate and severe.  This tool allows brokers and agents to intervene prior to vocalization. Once identified, brokers and agents have the opportunity to defuse the situation – some are able to turn a negative into a positive.

Add real time reports, a slick dashboard with national benchmarking and you have a never before seen reputation and brand management system.  Learn More.


floorplanonline logo

The leader in Premium Single Property Websites for today’s top real estate agents.  A nationwide service provider network that can measure listings and create the floorplan combined with a production department that creates youtube video, single property websites with 3D drag and drop furnishings, and redecorating tools.

FloorPlanOnline also creates high end flyers have built in QR codes that lead to the mobile optimized version of the property website.

Finch Mktg assists as the marketing arm for FloorPlanOnline as it has grown to its premium industry leading position.

Find FPO on Facebook  or call 866-810-3816 to learn more.



Easy Virtual Tour Easy VT iphone www.EasyVirtualTours.com is a new product Built by Finch Mktg for iPhone and iPad2.

EasyVT is the fastest and least expensive way to create a Real Estate virtual tour.

The Current version of Easy Virtual Tours is FREE –  followed by an updated subscription system. Both can be corporately branded or white labeled.

Virtual Tour Providers are able to receive photos and content from clients via a subscription.

Follow us on Twitter @EasyVT  or visit http://EasyVT.com like us on Facebook or Download and test the app below.

Easy Virtual tour apple iphone



Real Estate Bar Camp Kansas City, REBCKC

Real Estate Bar Camp is an ad hoc gathering of tech minded marketing focused cutting edge realtors.  Finch Mktg has hosted both events in Kansas City in 2010 and 2011.

250 Top of the Line Real Estate professionals packed our event for 7 hours and 30 sessions  – and a lively happy hour followed.

The Response was clear – Do it again.

A third #REBCKC is in the works for 2012.  Event Sponsors are encouraged to contact us now.

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