Elementary My Dear Agent

This seems to be a sign of the times.

Ive seen many agents that are not embracing technology with open arms  who believe that they are so far behind there is no way to catch up.  Its simply an overwhelming task.

This might be true for a few – But not you.  You after all, are already reading a blog. (and a cool one I might add)

For the majority, there is hope.  They can improve and grow using new tools and methods.  Those in the middle of the road can climb higher with even one new trick or tool.

Here are a few Tips to help the Technology Timid Real Estate Agent Gain Altitude

a) Dont do it all. Do one Marketing / technology / web 2.0 thing well, master it, then add more.
b) Read and Listen. Before you jump into blogging, read several blogs each day – for a month or two.
c) Rely on more than one source.  Google it, ask people, start conversations online and in person.

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Teach-Tech Trip

Marketing Rock stars from around the Midwest and the Nation gathered in St Louis Last week.  I had a great time working with colleagues  covering basic marketing and branding, to advanced social media tools  at ReBarCamp.

Death of the Virtual Tour” was the title of the conversation I moderated in the first hour.  The agents and brokers told me about how important it was to use a simple virtual tour that worked well and was easy to use.  They also wanted clear non distorted photos.  The consensus was that the term “Virtual Tour” is vague, and can be misleading – but sellers demand or request a tour 9 out of 10 times.

Chris Drayer teaching twitter social media class

The Schedule for BarCamp

The Twitter 101 class is always fun to teach.  Some people will defend twitter to the grave while others try to attack it and beat it down.

The fact that People get emotional about technology is just an amazing trend, and I like to embrace the excitement one way or the other.  It tends to create a spirited class.

Frequently there is someone sitting to the side who says “I dont care that you just sold a house” and I respond  “Thats cool, so dont use twitter”.  – Its that simple, if you dont like a technology, feel its invasive or not a good fit – why use it?

Technology SHOULD help you.  If you find that it is cumbersome and not helpful in any way – you should remove that technology from your day to day use.

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ReBarCamp, Real Estate Un-Confrence

REBCSTL rebar camp st louis real estate marketing

On Monday June 14th the City of St Louis is lucky to host its first ReBarCamp.

You should come – Its an Ad Hoc gathering of Real Estate professionals, Marketing and Social Media experts who help each other learn and grow their online tools and presence.  Its the kind of thing that gets me giddy.

The plan is to be getting into St louis Sunday afternoon to set up the event and join other regional marketing friends for the Sunday night Tweet up at Ameristar Casino. (all are welcome) #rebcstlTU

At the event Monday, I plan to talk about Authenticity in social media, listening and engaging with good content and other cool stuff. More than anything I want to listen to peoples experiences with web 2.0 & social media marketing.

The event is Free – (including breakfast, lunch and cocktails) so if you want to make the trip or are near St Charles / St Louis area register now and join us Monday!

Ive been lucky to attend many REBAR camps including the first in San Francisco.  I got my feet a bit more wet Volunteering at San Diego in November, and Soaked up the sun in Phoenix this spring. I highly recommend volunteering at one of these events.  It was a great experience – but left me wanting to co host an event in the Midwest.  So I did what anyone would do – dove head first with the opportunity to co host REBCSTL in St Louis.

Im a bit anxious about STL. The goal is to learn, have  fun, educate and listen to the group.  That much Im sure will go smoothly.  Top Social Media names will be in attendance, and the venue will be packed.  At this time we are only $500 short of our funding (know a sponsor that wants to help?)  We cant ask for much more perfection.

If you cant make it, Follow the hash tag #rebcstl on twitter (or watch below here) .  If there is interest – perhaps some day we will host a similar event in Kansas City.

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Social Media Smallvolution with FPO

FPO Chris Drayer FloorPlanOnlineFloorPlanOnline has a funny and a bit of an odd History Starting with a Vacation in Denmark.   Network Solutions recently got wind of the story and interviewed CEO Kris Cone,  where they discussed our company’s origin and our current Social Media Program.

Ive been fortunate to be in the position to help FloorPlanOnline grow our Social Media presence  – and its rewarding to get this organic positive feedback.

One Section of the article is below with the link to the whole story as well.

Here is the link to the story by Steve Fisher.

How have online social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Blogs helped you market your business?

“Social media has helped with Viral Sharing of property tours and FloorPlanOnline services. Back to the greatest challenge, the more our customers, their sellers or even buyers can share their tours, their experiences and successes about FloorPlanOnline, the more people hear about us, and we let social media do the advertising work for us. A referral is much more valuable than a cold call…and social media is the new form of referral. Our marketing person, Chris Drayer, does a lot of work on the social media sites to get our name and products out to various social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, ActiveRain (a real estate oriented blog site) and to create ”Champions” for FloorPlanOnline. Often, the more successful agents are turning to these mediums as it is a hot topic in the real estate world.

We have also been involved in several grass roots industry events that use social media to talk about the events. In addition, our tours come with built-in social media tools. Anyone can post a home tour to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or over 100 other “social” networking sites, by clicking our “Share” button. So now, a home seller can actively participate in the marketing of their own home by posting a FloorPlanOnline tour to their Facebook Wall so all their contacts can see their home they are selling. Same for the agent. Even the buyer can share their potential new home with their friends. So the multiplier effect takes hold, and spreads.”

Here is the link to the story by Steve Fisher.

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National Association of Realtors Mid Year Meeting

NAR mid year meetings in Washington DC.
I had a great time hanging with friends, listening to speakers and enjoying the sights.
Here is a VERY short compilation video I shot with my flip video. Trying to capture the event in 30 seconds is just impossible.

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Radio Killed the Internet Star?

Mike Mueller is the kind of guy that innovates for the common good. He talks nationwide to Realtors, Brokers and tech savy small business owners that strive to connect online. Mikes uses audio, video, photos and the written word to reach his audience with unprecedented skill.
Mike has interviewed many cutting edge minds in Social Media on his weekly Radio show – Ive tuened in many times for the educational benefits.

Mike the m files radio show on Social Media

The M Files Radio Show on Marketing and Social Media

I was honored and a bit shocked when I received a Direct Tweet from Mike inviting me on the show.

We had a great conversation on the air, and spoke about the importance of social media, WordPress, SEO and most importantly Good Content for Real Estate Folks.

We also talked quite a bit about the new User Interface, Navigation and function of FPO 2.0 – the New Format I helped develop and launch with FloorPlanOnline.

Check out the 30 min show segment Here:  http://areweconnected.com/the-m-files/

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Social Media View from 10k feet – 4 Easy Tips.

It can be a daunting task – learning to fly, or learning social media.

Many have simply jumped and found their wings – Frequently this works, however there are risks.  Not everyone is ready to jump or fly right out of the gate.  That style (jump then learn) might not be for you.

Its not that you have to know it all before your start – far from it.   Understanding the basic concepts and a few rules of thumb can help to guide you safely.

Storm Cloud over Perry Lake Kansas

Know what to look for – how to spot the storm on the horizon and plan a safe route.

Ten Thousand feet gives you a good view of the lay of the land – and a general idea of how you may want to pilot your social media marketing.   So here are My 4 quick tips from 1ok feet.

4 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips

1) Listen.

2) Be polite and professional.

3) Authentic.  Don’t make up a new personality – be who you are.  (unless this clashes with #2, then stick with newspaper and phone book ads)

4) Engage with others, but don’t steal the show.

Looking for one on one assistance with your online marketing or social media?  Its easy – just Connect with Chris!

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Gravity is Our Enemy

Gravity is Predictable, it is very constant and unfortunately, it limits the heights we can reach.

Your Real Estate Marketing has worked on some level -I know this because you are still in the business, you made it past 2009 and you are still making money.  Perhaps you are looking to make a change.  Do not abandon what has worked for you! (unless its full page color newspaper ads – then we should really talk about your long term strategy).  Yet if you continue to do only what you’ve done before the results will be as predictable as Gravity.

Take Flight and gain altitude. To do so, you need to integrate a whole new dimension to your marketing strategy.  Altitude is a different mindset, it uses different tools, different language and will achieve different results.

Its a matter of perspective.  From up there, you can see the lay of the land, you can target a destination, and you can control your airspace.   When you are above the ground, Leads turn into people – Ideas and advice is openly shared – You become a community advocate and resource, not just a realtor –  and those people turn to you and your content for advice.

Gravity is holding down your marketing strategy  – Take Flight with Finch Mktg and gain altitude.

Disclaimer and Plugs:

“Gravity is our Enemy” is the name of a Great bluegrass album by Cadillac Sky -Check them out! They are cool guys, and I’ve been fortunate to have played music with several former and current members of the band – and am giving them some love, and borrowing their album title for this post.

Photo Credit to graham owen gallery, Great nature photos  – www.grahamowengallery.com

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