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Friday the 13th & Groupon Shameless Plug

My wife loves Groupon.  2-3 times a week I get a groupon update from her like “Piano & guitar lessons at 60% off, that’s a great deal and you could use some lessons”…. What ever, I play guitar like a rock star.

The success of Groupon got me thinking that we should not screw around with “little” discounts.   So now’s the time when I try a deep (read painfully deep) discount to move the dial.

Here’s the informal Video Plug I made for FloorPlanOnline this morning in my backyard.  I’m placing it in several specific locations, Posterous, Active Rain etc.  Ill be tracking the click thru, & how frequently the code will be used in one week.  Like Groupon, its a 50% coupon – an amount I’ve never done before.

Happy Friday the 13th from FloorPlanOnline – Use this 50% off Coupon Code on the Self Service Photo Tour before time runs out.
Its Simple. You take the photos of your real estate listing and upload them to FloorPlanOnline. Enter the code “PhotoTour” to receive the discount. Self Service Photo Tours Only. Its a one time use Code that will work until Friday the 13th is over!

FloorPlanOnline creates Premium Real Estate Marketing Websites and Virtual Tours for Top of the Line Realtors.
FPO Tours are Simple, Effective and Affordable.


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