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Friday the 13th & Groupon Shameless Plug

My wife loves Groupon.  2-3 times a week I get a groupon update from her like “Piano & guitar lessons at 60% off, that’s a great deal and you could use some lessons”…. What ever, I play guitar like a rock star.

The success of Groupon got me thinking that we should not screw around with “little” discounts.   So now’s the time when I try a deep (read painfully deep) discount to move the dial.

Here’s the informal Video Plug I made for FloorPlanOnline this morning in my backyard.  I’m placing it in several specific locations, Posterous, Active Rain etc.  Ill be tracking the click thru, & how frequently the code will be used in one week.  Like Groupon, its a 50% coupon – an amount I’ve never done before.

Happy Friday the 13th from FloorPlanOnline – Use this 50% off Coupon Code on the Self Service Photo Tour before time runs out.
Its Simple. You take the photos of your real estate listing and upload them to FloorPlanOnline. Enter the code “PhotoTour” to receive the discount. Self Service Photo Tours Only. Its a one time use Code that will work until Friday the 13th is over!

FloorPlanOnline creates Premium Real Estate Marketing Websites and Virtual Tours for Top of the Line Realtors.
FPO Tours are Simple, Effective and Affordable.


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Star Power: The Top Tier Realtor Conference Review

This was my first time at a Star Power Conference and my first time in Nashville TN. What a cool (Read HOT) town!
Thanks to Nashville expert and National TV personality Brian Copeland (@nashvillebrian) I had the hot tips on where to eat via Twitter. The best was Mad Donnas. I give it 4.5 stars – the same number of stars you could see at any given moment at the Star Power Convention.
A “Star” is selected and crowned each month. Next months Star is FloorPlanOnline customer Sue Adler (@sueadler) I believe there are around 200 current stars, with most of them at the event. Typically Stars are the top 1/2 of 1% of agents nationwide. They sell tons of listings, make tons of money and in my experience are very approachable, humble and willing to share information with their competition. How cool is that? Also willing to share and help people was former real estate agent and the events Headliner Dave Ramsey Dave’s talk was inspirational, helpful and entertaining.
The Event, classes and hallway conversations included talk about Marketing, technology and how to grow business in today’s social online market. There were cool people to chat with around every corner. Ive long admired Chris Smith (@techsavvyagent) who walked up to our booth and was so impressed with FPO 2.0 he recorded an interview with me on the spot!
Below, check out my brief review of the event that includes photos and video. The video was created on my iphone using the cool ReelDirector app.

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Radio Killed the Internet Star?

Mike Mueller is the kind of guy that innovates for the common good. He talks nationwide to Realtors, Brokers and tech savy small business owners that strive to connect online. Mikes uses audio, video, photos and the written word to reach his audience with unprecedented skill.
Mike has interviewed many cutting edge minds in Social Media on his weekly Radio show – Ive tuened in many times for the educational benefits.

Mike the m files radio show on Social Media

The M Files Radio Show on Marketing and Social Media

I was honored and a bit shocked when I received a Direct Tweet from Mike inviting me on the show.

We had a great conversation on the air, and spoke about the importance of social media, WordPress, SEO and most importantly Good Content for Real Estate Folks.

We also talked quite a bit about the new User Interface, Navigation and function of FPO 2.0 – the New Format I helped develop and launch with FloorPlanOnline.

Check out the 30 min show segment Here:

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