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The Screaming Vulture Sales Attack Works

Last week I went shopping for 2 new pair of glasses at xyz store.
Select the frame, pay and leave.  I’m a guy, that’s how I shop.  (rather, that was the plan)

Unknowingly, I had innocently walked into a marketing trap.
Selecting the frame could be difficult – but I’m pretty simple, so this was easy. It took five min.
That was more than enough to spring the trap.

sales vulture in marketing

Vulture Photo Credit Teunie Polak / Trek Nature

First I got stuck with the “upgrade” pitch – you know the one.  Anti scratch coating, is the best, blah blah, You should get the destruction or dismemberment insurance.  “No thanks” I declined.
With a raised tone she persisted with pressure- you will see better at night with the anti glare… “Thats ok, no than…”

I was cut short –

Screaming like a bottle rocket from above a sales vulture swooped in with horror stories about helpless clients with broken glasses.  She went for the kill; From under her desk she pulled a baggie with a dog chewed pair as proof.
“This could happen to you.” She said with a glare in all four of her eyes.

I gasped for air – I had been pounced on like prey. The “double eyeglass fear sales attack” had me surrounded.  (I think they snuck up on my blind side)
“Anti glare could save you and your family when driving at night”
They tore into my sense of decency, ripped at my fiscal concerns and then offered an upgrade as the only salvation.

It was a fight.  Me vs The screaming attack sales vulture.

I declined.   In that moment of shock, I was able to escape.

I ran away, vowing never to do business with them again.

In the end, I got my new shades.  They were a great deal, fair quality and fast.

There are lots of products sold with fear and scare tactics.  Fear sells, however, I strongly dislike this tactic.

Educate clients and help them make an informed decision.   If you provide information not otherwise available, you create value and build trust.  Become a trusted reference, not a screaming sales vulture.


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